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    How to Create a Safe Sleeping Environment

    How to Create a Safe Sleeping Environment

    How to Create a Safe Sleeping Environment

    A safe sleeping environment means that all potential dangers have been removed and the baby is sleeping in a safe place. The ideal place for a baby to sleep is in a safe cot, on a safe mattress, with safe bedding in a safe sleeping place, both night and day. 

      • Make sure the infant’s head and face remain uncovered during sleep

      • Firm sleep surface: infants should not sleep on sheepskins or other soft surfaces.

      • A firm mattress covered by a sheet is the recommended sleep surface

      • Prevent the infant from slipping down under the blanket

      • Blankets firmly tucked in to the height of the chest

      • No doonas or quilts should be allowed if they cannot be firmly tucked in around the cot mattress

      • Developmental consideration: if the infant is rolling (from approximately 4 months of age), swaddling is no longer appropriate due to entrapment risk

      • A safe mattress is one that is the right size for the cot, is firm and in good condition

      • Watch the temperature as the risk of SIDS is increased when a baby is too hot or too cold, keep the room between 16 and 20 degrees celsius

    Always keep cots away from hanging cords such as blinds, curtains, or electrical appliances. Keep heaters or any electrical appliances well away from the cot to avoid the risk of overheating, burns and electrocution. Never use electric blankets, hot water bottles or wheat bags for babies.



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